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About eSIM: You Need To Know

With the development of globalization, traveling around the world for business, tourism, or education has become increasingly common. However, when you leave your own country, you typically need internet connectivity for your daily activities. Since making and receiving calls without a physical SIM card is practically difficult, we all know what a "SIM card" is. While internet connectivity abroad can be achieved through data roaming, this service can be costly for most companies, making it less preferable. Another option is to obtain a local SIM card from the country or region you are visiting, but this is not always the most convenient solution every time you visit a new country or region. With eSIM, you can enjoy data connectivity while traveling, and this new technology has recently gained attention.


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What is eSIM?

eSIM is a virtual SIM card embedded within a phone, allowing you to access the internet abroad without the need for a physical SIM card installed in your device. Wherever you are in the world, once you activate the wireless service you have purchased, you can use your device. Similar to a SIM card, your smartphone may always be connected to the services of a mobile operator.


How does eSIM work?

Its functionality is similar to that of a physical SIM card, with installation via a QR code or activation code, which means instant activation. eSIMs typically do not require a passport or ID for purchase, making it very convenient for those looking for a simple and quick solution.


What advantages does eSIM have?


When traveling to a new country, it is crucial to stay connected to the internet. You can access it instantly anywhere in the world, making it easier to purchase eSIMs online. If you travel frequently or are on business trips, you should use eSIM.

·Unlimited Data

You will find many destinations with unlimited data plans. Therefore, users will always stay connected no matter how much data they use.


With eSIM, you can go online as soon as you arrive at your destination, without the need to search, speak other languages, or queue at local stores. Simply scan the QR code that registers your eSIM profile in the mobile network to activate the eSIM. 

·Save charges

You can share data with family and friends. Use your phone to generate a WiFi network and connect multiple devices without any additional costs.


eSIM can be used with phones, computers, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, and even cars. However, as a new technology, the number of compatible phones is limited. Of course, many companies and brands are transitioning more devices to eSIM.


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Where to get eSIM?

You can purchase eSIM at MicroEsim's online store, which offers choices for over 180 destinations. No matter where you are, you can easily buy it without registration and identity verification, with secure payment.


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