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China Travel Guide: A Wonderful Adventure Of Ancient And Modern

China, a country with a long history but full of modern vitality, invites you to embark on a unique journey. From the capital Beijing in the north to the bustling Shenzhen in the south, from traditional Hong Kong night markets to the dazzling casinos of Macau, each city has its own unique charm waiting for you to discover.


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Mainland China


1. Beijing - Witness of History

As the political and cultural center of China, Beijing is famous for its world-famous historical sites such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. Walking among these ancient city walls, you can deeply feel the long history and cultural heritage of China. This city is not only a witness to China's historical changes, but also a stage where many cultures meet. Every corner is full of stories.


2. Shanghai - Intersection of Modernity and Tradition

As one of the global financial centers, Shanghai is known for its unique skyline and futuristic skyscrapers. This city is a perfect blend of modernity and traditional culture, with old alleys and traditional markets still retaining the city's historical atmosphere. The prosperity of Shanghai and the accumulation of history are intertwined, showing a unique urban charm.


3. Chengdu – Home of Food and Giant Pandas

Chengdu is not only famous for its spicy cuisine and giant panda breeding center, it's also a paradise for foodies and nature lovers. The food culture here has a long history, and the various authentic Sichuan dishes are endlessly memorable. At the same time, the Giant Panda Base in Chengdu is also one of the most important giant panda protection and research centers in the world.


4. Nanjing - Blend of History and Modernity

This historic ancient capital is famous for its rich historical sites and cultural heritage. From the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties to the capital of modern times, Nanjing has a rich and colorful history. At the same time, the city has also shown its unique charm in the process of modernization, and its prosperous business district and modern urban development are impressive.


5. Shenzhen - Frontier of Innovation and Technology

This special economic zone is not only a symbol of China's reform and opening up, but also a hot spot for scientific and technological innovation. It has a thriving high-tech industry and is home to a diverse range of cultural activities. Shenzhen's urban landscape is modern and vibrant, demonstrating the city's status as China's economic and technological innovation center.

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Hong Kong - Perfect Combination of Eastern and Western Cultures

At Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, you can enjoy a panoramic view of this bustling city. At night, the Temple Street Night Market is a lively market integrating food, shopping and entertainment. And Hong Kong Disneyland is a favorite among family visitors. Don't forget to try Hong Kong's unique cuisine, where Cantonese cuisine, British tea refreshments and international flavors blend together. For convenience, it is recommended to use an Octopus card to make public transportation more efficient.

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Macau – Asia’s Entertainment Paradise

Known as the "Las Vegas of China", Macau's gambling and entertainment industry is renowned around the world. Senado Square embodies Macau's Portuguese heritage and is surrounded by colonial architecture, while A-Ma Temple is one of the oldest and most famous Taoist temples. Macau’s Macanese cuisine combines the culinary essences of China and Portugal and is worth a try.

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Taiwan - Fusion of Natural Beauty and Culture

Taipei 101 is not only an iconic skyscraper, it is also a symbol of modern Taiwan. Night market culture thrives here, with Shilin Night Market and Raohe Night Market famous for their street food and unique shopping experiences. The Taroko Gorge showcases Taiwan’s stunning natural beauty and is ideal for hiking. Taiwan's culture is a fusion of Chinese, Japanese and native influences. Taipei has an efficient MRT system and an extensive train network across the island.


Travel Tips

1. Weather: China’s climate is changeable and temperature differences are large. Please check the local weather forecast from the [China Meteorological Administration] before traveling.

2. Visa Information: Please check the visa requirements for the region you are visiting. You can visit the [official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China] or the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate for detailed information.

3. Currency: Mainland China uses RMB, Hong Kong uses Hong Kong dollars, Macau uses Macau pataca, and Taiwan uses New Taiwan dollars.

4. Internet access: In mainland China, some Western websites may not be accessible directly. Using a VPN can solve this problem.


On this journey to explore China, you will experience the perfect fusion of ancient and modern, feel the intersection of Eastern and Western cultures, and taste unique cuisine from all over the world. Buy your China eSIM and enjoy a wonderful journey!


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