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How To Resolve Common eSIM Activation Issues With QR Codes?

The emergence of eSIM technology offers a seamless solution. However, installing and managing eSIMs can sometimes present challenges, especially when encountering error messages on devices like iPhones and iPads. This guide provides solutions to common eSIM installation issues, ensuring that travelers can enjoy uninterrupted mobile service as they explore the world. The following tips will help streamline the process and enhance your travel experience.

Note: Similar issues may arise when manually installing eSIMs using the SM-DP+ address and activation code. The solutions provided here are specifically for iPhone and iPad; Android devices might display different error messages.


1. "eSIM Cannot Be Added - This Code Is No Longer Valid" Error

This error typically indicates that the QR code for eSIM installation has already been used or has expired, assuming it was scanned correctly. For iOS 15 and earlier versions, the message might appear as "Cellular Plan Cannot Be Added". It is important to note that QR codes are generally single-use for security reasons, to prevent unauthorized replication of eSIM profiles. Avoid deleting an installed eSIM unless it is no longer needed.

Solution: If a QR code is invalid, the immediate step is to contact MicroEsim for a replacement. The availability of a new QR code will depend on their specific policies.


2. Cellular Plans from This Carrier Cannot Be Added" Error

This message indicates that your device may be carrier-locked, meaning it is restricted to use only with the carrier that sold the device and cannot accept plans from other carriers without being unlocked.

  • How to Check Carrier Lock Status
How to Check Carrier Lock Status - iOS

1. Open Settings on your iPhone.

2. Go to General > About.

3. Scroll to Carrier Lock.

4. A "No SIM restrictions" message means the device is unlocked. Any other message suggests it's locked to a specific carrier.

  • How to Unlock

Contact the original carrier to request unlocking. This process can take a few days, and some carriers might have specific requirements regarding the tenure of ownership before allowing unlocking. Third-party unlocking services exist, but they come with risks and are generally not recommended without thorough vetting.


Travel eSIM: A Convenient Option for International Travelers

Travelers with eSIM-compatible phones can benefit from the convenience of prepaid eSIMs, which eliminate the need to swap physical SIM cards and the risk of losing the original SIM. These eSIMs offer instant delivery and activation, making them ideal for international travel. For a wide selection of travel eSIM services and data plans, visit microesim.com, a leading provider in global mobile solutions.


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