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India Travel Guide: Top 5 Featured Festivals Worth Experiencing

India, a land of mystery and vibrant colors, is renowned for its stimulating senses and non-stop festivities. In this magical land, a series of unique and unforgettable festivals are celebrated every year. If you're planning a trip to India, consider allocating time to participate in these five featured festivals to make your journey even more enriching.


1. Pongal

This festival primarily celebrates the harvest season and expresses gratitude for the blessings of the Sun God. Usually held in mid-January, Pongal spans over four days. During this festival, people cook special dishes and offer them as sacrifices to the Sun God, engaging in harvest rituals. One of the most iconic traditions is the “Pongal” built outdoors with soil and cow dung, which is used to cook special sweet rice. People gather in open spaces to collectively observe and partake in the cooking and relishing of this delicacy. The festival also includes traditional dances, music performances, and other cultural activities, brimming with merriment, gastronomic delights, and social interactions.


2. Gandhi Jayanti

Observed on January 30th, this day commemorates the influential figure of Mahatma Gandhi, a leader of the Indian independence movement. Known for his nonviolent resistance and philosophy of peace, Mahatma Gandhi's contributions to India's independence are revered. Gandhi Jayanti is a solemn occasion marked by reflections on Gandhi's life and his contributions to India's freedom struggle. Commemorative activities often include lectures, exhibitions, cultural performances, and solemn ceremonies of remembrance.


3. Holi

One of India's most popular and vibrant festivals, Holi is typically celebrated in March, renowned for its joyful rituals of splashing and smearing colors. During Holi, people gather together, playfully dousing each other with colored powders and liquids. Partaking in Holi is a uniquely enjoyable experience, as people sing, dance, let loose, and embrace the spirit of friendship and unity, shedding the inhibitions of everyday life. This festival emphasizes unity, friendship, and joy, giving you a taste of the rich local culture and the harmonious atmosphere among people. It's important to note that the specific festival dates vary each year based on the lunar calendar and lunar phases.


4. Independence Day

India's Independence Day is observed on August 15th every year, commemorating the country's freedom from British colonial rule in 1947. It is a solemn and dignified occasion where people celebrate India's freedom and showcase the nation's unity and diversity. Various celebrations take place across the nation, including flag hoisting, parades, memorial ceremonies for martyrs, military displays, cultural performances, and more.


5. Diwali

Diwali is an elaborate celebration held during the autumn season, where families come together. People light candles and oil lamps, set off fireworks, exchange sweets and gifts, and celebrate the triumph of light over darkness, righteousness over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. Like most Indian festivals, the dates of Diwali vary each year based on the lunar calendar. The festivities typically span over five days, with different rituals and ceremonies taking place each day. Temples and other celebration venues are adorned with brightly lit lamps. Food, such as sweets, also plays a significant role in the Diwali celebrations.


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