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Shared Travel: An Unboxing-like Experience

Influenced by the concept of the sharing economy, shared travel has become the latest trend. By utilizing modern technologies such as the internet, big data, and cloud computing, shared travel enables the sharing of travel resources and information, activating and releasing idle resources, thus fundamentally changing travelers' consumption concepts and ways of traveling.


With the enrichment of travelers' travel experiences, their travel demands have also become more diversified. Shared travel, with its higher flexibility and lower costs, is increasingly popular among young people and has become a powerful driving force for the growth of the tourism industry. This new trend stems from young people's desire to find like-minded travel companions and have exciting travel experiences at a lower cost.


Although the essence of shared travel involves traveling with strangers to reduce costs and gain unique satisfaction, it requires similar lifestyles and mutual respect to bring people together physically and mentally. When choosing travel companions, several key factors are often considered, such as dietary preferences, spending habits, and lifestyles. Some even use popular personality tests like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to examine compatibility based on personality traits.


The uncertainty of shared travel brings both excitement and apprehension. Enthusiasts describe this experience as "unboxing". However, to avoid risks such as fraud and shirking responsibilities, thorough preparation is necessary, including making plans and setting clear expectations in advance.


It is vital to choose reliable travel agencies or organizers to avoid unpleasant experiences. The connection between travel companions is more fragile compared to traveling with family and friends. Sometimes, travel plans may be canceled, and contacts may be deleted before departure. Therefore, coordination with other participants regarding itineraries and activities may require compromises in certain aspects.


From short-term rentals to sharing travel guides, tents, and Wi-Fi, the sharing of travel resources and information has become essential for many people.


Regardless of the chosen travel method, an eSIM is indispensable to keep you connected anytime and anywhere.


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