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Mainland China eSIM China Mobile 5G
$3.00 USDFrom $1.40 USD
South Korea eSIM
$4.69 USDFrom $2.80 USD
Japan eSIM
$2.79 USDFrom $1.40 USD
Indonesia eSIM 5G
$3.09 USDFrom $1.58 USD

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IMPORTANT: Make sure your phone is carrier-unlocked and eSIM compatible .

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Absolutely love it!
MicroEsim offers an unbelievably affordable, hassle-free internet connection that's as cheap as buying a cup of coffee. It's my little secret while others are on the hunt for elusive free Wi-Fi.

Emily Johnson   Verified  

Discovering MicroEsim was a game-changer for my travels! Getting connected with local data providers takes mere minutes, letting me effortlessly share my travel blogs against stunning backdrops.

Sarah Brown   Verified  

Highly recommend!
Unforgettable European trip with my twin daughters, thanks to MicroEsim! The process was so smooth. They effortlessly solved our woes, making our travel experience seamless and worry-free.

Michael Williams   Verified  

A Trustworthy Seller.
The transaction was smooth without any hitches. Their thoughtful and attentive service made my purchase and usage experience completely stress-free. A seamless journey from start to finish!

Emma Smith   Verified