Corporate Partners

Become a corporate partner with MicroEsim

- Enjoy Bulk eSIM Purchase Offer

Elevate your business travel experience by seamlessly connecting your team across the globe with MicroEsim's advanced eSIM solutions. For companies / organizations with globe-trotting employees, our business eSIMs redefine connectivity on the go. Easily tailor eSIM plans for your team, generate custom QR codes, and activate subscriptions effortlessly. Enjoy the convenience of centralized management, bulk purchases, and industry-leading rates.


Why become a corporate partner with MicroEsim?

For companies with frequent business travels, MicroEsim's data plans are the best choice, ensuring your team stays efficiently connected at all times.

Global Coverage

With our eSIM solutions, your employees can enjoy high-speed 4G/5G internet connections in over 100 countries and regions worldwide.

Easy of Use

Employees traveling can activate eSIMs by scanning a QR code, and can share data from an eSIM-compatible phone to a laptop or tablet.

Real-Time Management

Centralized one-stop management of eSIM purchases and usage, allowing your employees to focus more on their work and enhance office efficiency.

Affordable Pricing

Our bulk order plans offer competitive eSIM rates, saving up to 80% compared to traditional roaming, avoiding unnecessary expenses and hidden costs.

Flexible Requirements

We offer flexible billing options, issuing invoices directly to you or your company. As required, we can also provide customized corporate bundle packages.

Technical Support

Whether solving technical issues or optimizing service configurations, our expert team is always ready to provide professional assistance and guidance, ensuring smooth business communication.


More Cooperation Plans?

MicroEsim is dedicated to offering comprehensive eSIM services, encompassing retail, corporate solutions, and wholesale reselling.

Our Corporate Partner Plan is committed to providing high-quality mobile data services for teams traveling globally. With MicroEsim, your employees are assured of seamless communication connectivity, enabling easy internet access from anywhere in the world, thereby effectively supporting your business operations.

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