Order Tracking

To facilitate real-time tracking of your order status, we offer three efficient methods:

  • Personal Center Inquiry (Registered Users)

If you are a registered user of MicroEsim, meaning you have an account on microesim.com. Log in to our store and visit your personal center. In the "My Orders" section, you can view the eSIM information updates and detailed status of your order.
    1. visit link https://microesim.com/account or click the account icon

      MicroEsim Order Tracking 1 Click Account Icon

      MicroEsim Order Tracking 1 Click Account Icon-Mobile

    2. Input your account email address and password, click sign in on the account page.
      MicroEsim Order Tracking 1 Sign In
    3. Click the order number you want to check on "MY ACCOUNT" page, and it will direct you to the order details, in the order detail page, you may have the eSIM detail informaiton you need to install the eSIM.
      MicroEsim Order Tracking 1 My Account Page

    • Email Notifications

    We send all critical updates of your order in real-time to the email address you provided. The email contains detailed information to set up your eSIM and provides a link to track your order status.
    Please check your inbox, including the spam folder, for the latest order status information.
    For email notifications, we use the address service@microesim.com. Ensure this address is added to your email white list for efficient delivery.

    • Online Chat 

    Click the online chat button, choose "Track my order" and follow the lead, get your order status url for order tracking.
    1. Click the online chat button;
    2. Click 'Track my order;
    3. Click "Enter order information";
    4. Enter your order nuber and email address then click "Track my order"
    5. The system will reply with the order status URL. Click the provided link to access your order details.
      MicroEsim Order Tracking 3 Online Chat


    If you know the eSIM ICCID and want to query the data balance of the eSIM plan, you can click here to quickly check.

    For personalized assistance, you can contact our customer service team through the online chat feature of our store, or send an email to our official email address: service@microesim.com. We promise to respond to your queries as soon as possible.

    MicroEsim is committed to providing you with transparent and convenient order tracking services to ensure a smooth and worry-free shopping experience.