Cultural Heritage: A Guide To Paris 2024 Château de Versailles

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As the world gears up for the Paris 2024 Olympics, visitors from around the globe will have the opportunity to explore not just the athletic events, but also the rich cultural heritage of France.


Venue Information

Palace of Versailles

The Château de Versailles (also known as the Palace of Versailles), , a historic palace located in the city of Versailles, about 20 kilometers southwest of Paris.  Once the epicenter of French royal power, the palace is now a monumental museum with over 2,300 rooms spread across 63,154 square meters. The venue is renowned for its architectural beauty and expansive gardens, making it a picturesque location for the Olympic Games.


Olympic Events

Equestrian Modern Pentathlon

The equestrian events and portions of the modern pentathlon will be held at the Château de Versailles. Equestrian events are historically dominated by teams from Germany, United Kingdom, and Netherlands. These countries are expected to be strong contenders at Paris 2024 as well.

  • Equestrian Schedule

Date Paris Time Event
July 27 (Saturday) 09:30 Eventing Team Dressage
09:30 Eventing Individual Dressage
July 28 (Sunday) 10:30 Eventing Team Cross Country
13:00 Eventing Individual Cross Country
July 29 (Monday) 11:00 Eventing Individual Jumping Qualifier
12:15 Eventing Team Jumping Final
15:00 Eventing Individual Jumping Final
July 30 (Tuesday) 11:00 Dressage Team Grand Prix Day 1
13:45 Dressage Individual Grand Prix Day 1
July 31 (Wednesday) 10:00 Dressage Team Grand Prix Day 2
12:45 Dressage Individual Grand Prix Day 2
August 1 (Thursday) 11:00 Jumping Team Qualifier
August 2 (Friday) 14:00 Jumping Team Final
August 3 (Saturday) 10:00 Dressage Team Grand Prix Special
August 4 (Sunday) 10:00 Dressage Individual Grand Prix Freestyle
August 5 (Monday) 14:00 Jumping Individual Qualifier
August 6 (Tuesday) 10:00 Jumping Individual Final
  • Modern Pentathlon Schedule

Date Paris Time Event
August 9 (Friday) 13:00 Men's SF A Riding Show Jumping
13:40 Men's SF A Fencing Bonus Round
14:10 Men's SF A Swimming 200m Freestyle
14:40 Men's SF A Laser Run
17:00 Men's SF B Riding Show Jumping
17:40 Men's SF B Fencing Bonus Round
18:10 Men's SF B Swimming 200m Freestyle
18:40 Men's SF B Laser Run
August 10 (Saturday) 09:30 Women's SF A Riding Show Jumping
10:10 Women's SF A Fencing Bonus Round
10:40 Women's SF A Swimming 200m Freestyle
11:10 Women's SF A Laser Run
13:30 Women's SF B Riding Show Jumping
14:10 Women's SF B Fencing Bonus Round
14:40 Women's SF B Swimming 200m Freestyle
15:10 Women's SF B Laser Run
17:30 Men's Final Riding Show Jumping
18:10 Men's Final Fencing Bonus Round
18:40 Men's Final Swimming 200m Freestyle
19:10 Men's Final Laser Run
August 11 (Sunday) 11:00 Women's Final Riding Show Jumping
11:40 Women's Final Fencing Bonus Round
12:10 Women's Final Swimming 200m Freestyle
12:40 Women's Final Laser Run

Tip: The Men's and Women's Fencing Ranking Round on August 8 will be held at the North Paris Arena.


Legacy Paris 2024

At the end of the Games, the temporary facilities at the palace will be dismantled. The Château de Versailles will continue to be a world-renowned cultural site welcoming millions of visitors each year.


Go to the Château de Versailles

Reaching the Château de Versailles is convenient via several transportation options:

  • Versailles Chantiers station: Accessible by RER line C, train line N from Gare Montparnasse, and line U from La Défense.
  • Versailles Château station: RER line C.
  • Versailles Rive Droit station: Train line L from Gare Saint-Lazare.

On the day of the individual mixed eventing cross-country, the palace is also accessible on foot through the Park of Versailles. Special buses will provide direct service between the station and the venue, ensuring smooth transport for spectators.

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Nearby Games Venues

National Velodrome, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines BMX Stadium, Golf National, and Elancourt Hill.


Must-See Attractions

Château de Versailles Attractions
  • Hall of Mirrors: The most famous room in Versailles, featuring 357 mirrors opposite 17 arches that overlook the gardens.
  • Royal Chapel: Admire the stunning architecture and the ceiling paintings which depict biblical scenes.
  • Gardens: Spanning over 800 hectares, the gardens are a masterpiece of landscape design, with fountains, sculptures, and beautifully manicured lawns.
  • Grand Trianon: A smaller palace within the grounds that offers a more intimate glimpse into royal life.

Day trips to Paris are easy, given the close proximity, allowing you to enjoy the vast cultural and historical offerings of the French capital.


Visiting the Château de Versailles during the Paris 2024 Olympics provides a unique opportunity to enjoy world-class sports while stepping back into the grandeur of French history. Whether you’re a history buff, art lover, or just in it for the beauty, Versailles promises a rich and fulfilling experience.


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