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Pinnacle Of Performance: A Guide To Paris 2024 Bercy Arena

Bercy Arena, now known as Accor Arena, is an iconic venue for culture and sports in Paris and throughout France. Constructed in 1984, it has since been a beacon for cultural and sporting events in France. The venue has hosted illustrious events ranging from the Rolex Paris Masters and the European women’s handball championships to concerts by global music icons like Madonna and Daft Punk. A comprehensive renovation from 2014 to 2015 upgraded its facilities to world-class standards, making it fully equipped for major international competitions and events.


Paris 2024 Olympics at Bercy Arena

Artistic Gymnastics Paris 2024Basketball Paris 2024Trampoline Gymnastics Paris 2024

As a key venue for the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics, Bercy Arena is set to host a series of significant events including artistic gymnastics, basketball, and trampoline gymnastics. Its location is particularly advantageous, providing easy access through several major transport links including metro and RER stations. Paris local eSIM packages offer immediate activation upon arrival, providing 5G unlimited data cellular services that help you navigate the city and stay connected without the hassle of physical SIM cards.


Game Schedule in Bercy Arena

  • Artistic Gymnastics Schedule
Date Paris Time Event
July 27 (Saturday) 11:00 Men's Qualification - Subdivision 1
15:30 Men's Qualification - Subdivision 2
20:00 Men's Qualification - Subdivision 3
July 28 (Sunday) 09:30 Women's Qualification - Subdivision 1
11:40 Women's Qualification - Subdivision 2
14:50 Women's Qualification - Subdivision 3
18:00 Women's Qualification - Subdivision 4
21:10 Women's Qualification - Subdivision 5
July 29 (Monday) 17:30 Men's Team Final
July 30 (Tuesday) 18:15 Women's Team Final
July 31 (Wednesday) 17:30 Men's All-Around Final
August 1 (Thursday) 18:15 Women's All-Around Final
August 3 (Saturday) 15:30 Men's Floor Exercise Final
16:20 Women's Vault Final
17:10 Men's Pommel Horse Final
August 4 (Sunday) 15:00 Men's Rings Final
15:40 Women's Uneven Bars Final
16:25 Men's Vault Final
August 5 (Monday) 11:45 Men's Parallel Bars Final
12:36 Women's Balance Beam Final
13:31 Men's Horizontal Bar Final
14:20 Women's Floor Exercise Final
  • Basketball Schedule
Date Paris Time Event
August 6 (Tuesday) 11:00 Men's Quarterfinal
14:30 Men's Quarterfinal
18:00 Men's Quarterfinal
21:30 Men's Quarterfinal
August 7 (Wednesday) 11:00 Women's Quarterfinal
14:30 Women's Quarterfinal
18:00 Women's Quarterfinal
21:30 Women's Quarterfinal
August 8 (Thursday) 17:30 Men's Semifinal
21:00 Men's Semifinal
August 9 (Friday) 17:30 Women's Semifinal
21:00 Women's Semifinal
August 10 (Saturday) 11:00 Men's Bronze Medal Game
21:30 Men's Gold Medal Game
August 11 (Sunday) 11:30 Women's Bronze Medal Game
15:30 Women's Gold Medal Game

Tip: The Basketball competition from July 27 to August 4 will be held at Pierre Mauroy Stadium.

  • Trampoline Gymnastics Schedule
Date Paris Time Event
August 2 (Friday) 12:00 Women's Qualification
13:50 Women's Final
18:00 Men's Qualification
19:45 Men's Final

Please note the competition schedule may change until the end of the Olympic Games.


Paris 2024 Legacy

Bercy Arena Inside

Looking beyond the 2024 Olympics, the arena is set to host a variety of high-profile events. These include the annual Paris Masters tennis tournament, which attracts some of the world's top tennis players each year. Additionally, the venue will also be used for major esports competitions, which are rapidly growing in popularity and provide a modern twist to the arena’s diverse event portfolio. These events will not only maintain Bercy Arena's status as a premier event location but also contribute to its legacy as a center of cultural and sporting excellence in Europe.


Transportation and Accessibility

You can reach Bercy Arena via:

- Bercy Station (metro lines 6 & 14)

- Paris Gare de Lyon (RER lines A & D, train line R, metro line 1)

For international tourists, digital SIM card offer a straightforward way to maintain connectivity during their visit, facilitating access to travel and event information directly from their smartphones.


Nearby Olympic Venues

  • Invalides
  • Grand Palais
  • Champ-de-Mars Arena
  • La Concorde Stadium


Nearby Tourist Attractions

Notre-Dame Cathedral Hôtel de Ville de Paris
  • Bois de Vincennes
  • Latin Quarter
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral
  • Hôtel de Ville de Paris


The Bercy Arena not only serves as a key venue for the Paris 2024 Olympics but also as a gateway to experiencing the rich cultural tapestry of Paris. MicroEsim invite you alike to witness sporting excellence while soaking in the historical and cultural ambiance of one of the world's most beloved cities.


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