Best 6 eSIM for International Travel [Updated List]

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As a frequent traveler, you might always want to explore different countries, experience new cities, and immerse yourself in diverse cultures. In such a lifestyle, using an eSIM for international travel can be a highly convenient choice. But with so many eSIM options available in the market, which one is the best for you? Do you need to test each one?

Fortunately, that's not necessary. In this article, we will compare six different eSIM brands across various dimensions such as coverage, stability, and pricing to help you choose the best eSIM for your needs.



Before you start, check the articles below to learn what an eSIM is, ensure that your phone supports eSIM services, know about how eSIM helps you, and more information.

Top 1. MicroEsim

Upholding the philosophy of "Stay Connected Wherever You Travel," MicroEsim is designed to be the best eSIM for international travel. It offers wide coverage across continents with multi-country plans, making it ideal for global travelers. Partnering with reliable local carriers ensures stable signals and fast internet speeds.

MicroEsim provides a variety of flexible plans starting from just $1.42, ranging from 1 to 60 days, with daily, total, and unlimited data options. Users can mix and match these plans to suit their needs. Even if you run out of data, the connection remains active at a reduced speed.

Using MicroEsim is incredibly convenient. The process, from purchase to activation, is simple, with no need for eKYC (identity verification). Additionally, it supports hotspot functionality, allowing you to share your internet with other devices and save on roaming fees.

International Plans of MicroEsim

Here are some of the hot plans that MicroEsim offers:

Nation/Region 1 Day 3 Days 5 Days 7 Days
Canada Total 200 MB: $1.42
Daily 1 GB: $1.98
Daily 500 MB: $3.49
Daily 1 GB: $8.90
Daily 500 MB: $8.10
Daily 1 GB: $14.50
Daily 500 MB: $10.80
Daily 1 GB: $19.90
UK Total 200 MB: $1.42
Daily 1 GB: $1.52
Daily 500 MB: $2.40
Daily 1 GB: $4.00
Daily 500 MB: $3.70
Daily 1 GB: $6.70
Daily 500 MB: $4.80
Daily 1 GB: $8.90
Japan Daily 500 MB: $1.40
Daily 1 GB: $1.44
Daily 500 MB: $2.70
Daily 1 GB: $4.80
Daily 500 MB: $2.70
Daily 1 GB: $4.80
Daily 500 MB: $2.70
Daily 1 GB: $4.80
France Total 200 MB: $1.42
Daily 1 GB: $1.52
Daily 1 GB: $4.10
Daily 2 GB: $7.40
Total 1 GB: $1.81
Daily 1 GB: $6.80
Total 5 GB: $6.20
Daily 1 GB: $9.10
Mainland China Daily 500 MB: $1.40
Daily 1 GB: $1.44
Daily 500 MB: $2.70
Daily 1 GB: $4.80
Daily 500 MB: $4.10
Daily 1 GB: $8.00
Daily 500 MB: $5.50
Daily 1 GB: $10.80


For the upcoming Paris Olympics, MicroEsim launches an Olympics Special Offer starting from Total 5GB ($4.90) or Daily 1GB ($19.90), to let you stay connected during the games with exclusive deals!

Top 2. Airhub

Airhub is another eSIM card you can trust. It works in over 80 countries and gives new users 100MB of free data. Using Airhub is very convenient – you can set it up in just four 4 steps. Airhub prioritizes user convenience, so it offers country-specific numbers for its eSIM products. This means you can have access to local phone numbers, making it easier to stay connected wherever you are.

However, some users have pointed out a few downsides. Airhub's data is not truly unlimited; it has a 35 GB cap. Additionally, it's a data-only SIM, which means you can only use it for internet data and not for making traditional phone calls.

International eSIM Plans of Airhub

Top 3. AloSIM

AloSIM is an eSIM suitable for your overseas trip. It works in over 175 countries. It supports 24-hour live chat and email, so you can always get help when you need it. Most country plans start as low as $4.50 for most countries, with options including a generous 20GB data package to cater to your data needs wherever you go. start at $4.50, and the largest data package goes up to 20GB.

However, there are a few downsides to consider. AloSIM's technical support is somewhat limited, and setting it up can be a bit tricky. Some users have reported that the service can be unstable and may conflict with their phone's existing carrier.

International eSIM Plans of AloSIM

Top 4. Holafly

Holafly offers eSIM coverage for most parts of the world, starting at $5.00. With unlimited data, it allows users to stay connected with family and friends anytime, anywhere, without hefty roaming charges. It's easy to install and doesn't require you to remove your physical SIM card. That makes it hassle-free to activate and use wherever your travels take you.

However, many users have reported issues with Holafly not working upon arrival at their travel destinations. Especially with Wi-Fi calling, it only works if you have both the SIM card and eSIM in your phone, set your home SIM card to airplane mode, and turn on Wi-Fi calling. Those who can't have two SIM cards active at once will lose Wi-Fi calling when they remove their home SIM card.

International eSIM Plans of Holafly

Top 5. Saily

Saily stands out as one of the most affordable eSIM cards for international trips. It offers a competitive rate of 1GB for 7 days at just $3.99. It's designed with simplicity in mind—you can easily manage everything through their user-friendly app. Simply download the Saily app, effortlessly purchase the plan that suits your needs, and stay connected wherever your travels take you.

However, Saily has some limitations. It does not offer a global plan, only country-specific plans. There are no regional bundles available. Additionally, Saily requires you to use their app for eSIM activation, which might not be ideal for users with limited phone storage or who don't want to have an extra app on their phone.

International eSIM Plans of Saily

Top 6. ETravelSim

If your journey extends longer within Europe, ETravelSim may be suitable for you. It offers a travel eSIM plan that works across Europe, starting at just $4.50. Purchasing is very convenient; you can order online and start using it without removing your existing SIM card.

However, some users have pointed out a few issues. ETravelSim doesn't allow for making phone calls, and the internet connection can be unstable. Additionally, the customer service has been reported as totally unresponsive.

International eSIM Plans of ETravelSim

FAQs About Using eSIM Cards for International Travel

Is eSIM Better for International Travel than Physic SIMs?

For now, eSIM demonstrates its superiority over traditional SIM cards. It enhances security by being non-removable if your iPhone is lost or stolen. Additionally, supported iPhone models can activate two eSIMs simultaneously, which allow users to manage home and travel networks efficiently to avoid high roaming charges. Also, due to its properties, swapping between eSIMs is easy through Settings, which is convenient if you travel frequently to the same destinations.

What is the Best eSIM Card to Travel Around the World?

To determine the best eSIM card for traveling around the world, let's compare the options based on key factors:

eSIM Card Network Coverage Network Speed & Stability Data Plans & Pricing Customer Support Additional Features Refund Policy
MircroEsim 120+ countries Excellent 500MB/1GB from $1.42 Full support NO Yes
Airhub 80+ countries Generally good Free 100MB for new users, 35GB cap, starting from $5.00 Limited support reported NO 30 Days money back Guaranteed!
AloSIM 175+ countries Unstable, conflicts with phone carriers Plans from $4.5, up to 20GB Limited support reported NO Not specified
Holafly Most of the world Issues reported upon arrival Starting at $6, unlimited data Limited support reported NO Conditional
Saily Most of the world Generally stable $3.99 for 1GB/7 days Limited support reported NO Not specified
ETravelSim Most of the world Unstable Starting at $4.5 Limited support reported NO Not specified

Based on these considerations, I recommend MicroEsim as the best option for traveling around the world.

Here's why MicroEsim stands out:

  • Wide Network Coverage: MicroEsim offers extensive coverage in over 120 countries, ensuring you stay connected wherever you go.
  • Reliable Network Speed & Stability: Users report consistent network performance, which is crucial for staying connected on the go.
  • Competitive Data Plans & Pricing: MicroEsim provides flexible data plans at affordable prices, making it cost-effective for travelers.
  • Responsive Customer Support: Excellent customer service is available to assist with any issues, ensuring a smooth experience.
  • Convenient Additional Features: MicroEsim includes useful features such as easy switching between eSIM profiles, making it perfect for frequent travelers.
  • Clear Refund Policy: MicroEsim has a transparent refund policy, giving you peace of mind when purchasing.

Final Verdict

After comparing eSIM of 6 different brands, I concluded that MicroEsim is the eSIM for international travel due to its extensive global coverage, stability, affordable data plans, and prompt customer support. With an easy setting process and a clear refund policy, MicroEsim ensures a seamless and worry-free mobile experience in another country. Consider MicroEsim for your next trip to stay connected effortlessly!


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