Field Of Dreams: A Guide To Paris 2024 Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium

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As the world turns its eyes to Paris for the 2024 Olympic Games, the Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium stands ready to host some of the most anticipated football matches of the tournament. Known affectionately as "Le Chaudron" (The Cauldron) due to its vibrant and passionate atmosphere, this historic venue promises to be a cauldron of dreams where athletic prowess and international camaraderie converge.


Venue Information

Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium, located in Saint-Étienne, has been an emblematic site for football enthusiasts since its inauguration in 1931. It has undergone several renovations to modernize its facilities while preserving the intense atmosphere that fans love. For Paris 2024, Geoffroy-Guichard has been updated to meet the stringent requirements of the Olympic Games. The stadium's architecture facilitates close proximity to the pitch, ensuring that every spectator can feel the pulse of the game. Enhancements include upgraded seating for improved comfort and visibility, state-of-the-art broadcasting facilities, and expanded accessibility features to accommodate all guests. These upgrades aim not only to enhance the spectator experience but also to support athletes in delivering their best performances.


Olympic at Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium

During the Olympics, Geoffroy Guichard will host a series of football matches where international teams from Brazil, China and others will compete for glory. The stadium's design ensures an electrifying atmosphere, with noise echoing around the arena, pushing players to excel and providing fans with a thrilling experience. Expect intense competition, heart-stopping moments, and the sheer joy that only football can deliver.

  • Football Schedule

Date Paris Time Event
July 24 (Wednesday) 15:00 Men's Group B (Argentina-Morocco)
July 25 (Thursday) 17:00 Women's Group A (Canada-New Zealand)
July 27 (Saturday) 17:00 Men's Group B (Ukraine-Morocco)
July 28 (Sunday) 21:00 Women's Group A (France-Canada)
July 30 (Tuesday) 19:00 Men's Group A (United States-ICP Winner)
July 31 (Wednesday) 19:00 Women's Group B (CAF 2-Germany)

Tip: The Football competition from July 24 to August 10 will also be held at multiple venues, including the Parc des Princes, Bordeaux Stadium, La Beaujoire Stadium, Nice Stadium, Lyon Stadium, Marseille Stadium.


Explore More

You to Geoffroy-Guichard are also encouraged to explore Saint-Étienne, a city known for its rich industrial heritage and vibrant cultural scene. The city offers a range of attractions from museums and art galleries to parks and culinary delights. Saint-Étienne's warm hospitality complements the exhilarating Olympic atmosphere, making it a must-visit destination for all attendees. In addition, staying connected throughout the games is easy with MicroEsim’s eSIM plans, ensuring that you never miss an update whether you're cheering from the stands or exploring the city. Check out the latest eSIM options here.


Legacy Paris 2024

After the Olympics, the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard will continue to host Saint-Etienne's home games as well as major cultural and sporting events.


Whether you're a die-hard football fan or a newcomer to the sport, experiencing a match at "Le Chaudron" during the Olympics promises to be a memorable part of the games. Embrace the spirit of competition and celebration at this iconic venue as it writes new chapters in Olympic and football history.


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