Football Territory: A Guide To Paris 2024 La Beaujoire Stadium

La Beaujoire Stadium, officially known as Stade de la Beaujoire - Louis Fonteneau, is a prominent sports venue located in Nantes, France. As anticipation builds for the Paris 2024 Olympics, La Beaujoire will once again step into the global spotlight, hosting football competitions and welcoming athletes from countries such as Spain and Japan.


Paris 2024 Football Schedule

Date Paris Time Event
July 24 (Wednesday) 17:00 Men's Group C (Egypt-Dominican Republic)
July 25 (Thursday) 17:00 Women's Group C (Spain-Japan)
July 27 (Saturday) 17:00 AFC 2 vs. Egypt
July 28 (Sunday) 19:00 Women's Group C (Spain-CAF 1)
July 30 (Tuesday) 21:00 Men's Group D (Israel-AFC 1)
July 31 (Wednesday) 17:00 Women's Group C (Japan-CAF 1)
August 3 (Saturday) 21:00 Women's Quarter-final
August 8 (Thursday) 17:00 Men's Bronze Medal Match

Tip: Football matches from July 24 to August 8 will also be held at Parc des Princes, Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium, Nice Stadium, Bordeaux Stadium, Lyon Stadium, Parc des Princes, Marseille Stadium.


La Beaujoire Stadium

Established in 1984 for the UEFA Euro 1984 Football Championship, the stadium honors Louis Fonteneau, a former president of FC Nantes. With a seating capacity of approximately 35,000, it is the primary home for FC Nantes' football matches. The stadium's distinctive architectural features, such as open corners and extensive seating coverage, provide an immersive experience for spectators. After a significant renovation in 1998, which included the installation of a new roof over all stands, La Beaujoire has maintained its status as one of France's most iconic stadiums, resonating with the vibrant spirit of Nantes supporters every weekend.

Beyond its role as a football stronghold, La Beaujoire Stadium is a dynamic hub for cultural and sports events in Nantes. It has hosted numerous international competitions, including the 1998 FIFA World Cup and the 2007 Rugby World Cup, showcasing its versatility and ability to accommodate a wide range of events. The stadium's reputation for an electrifying atmosphere during FC Nantes games extends to its concerts and other gatherings, making it a vital part of the city's cultural landscape.


Legacy Paris 2024

After Paris 2024, La Beaujoire will continue to serve as the home ground for FC Nantes and will remain a venue for national cultural and sporting events.


Getting To La Beaujoire Stadium

- Tram: La Beaujoire Stadium is accessible by the Nantes tram system. You can take Tram Line 1 and get off at the "Beaujoire" stop, which is right next to the stadium. Tram Line 1 connects the city center and various other points, making it convenient for reaching the stadium from anywhere in Nantes.

- Bus: Several bus routes serve the area around La Beaujoire Stadium. You can check the local transport website (TAN) for specific bus numbers and schedules that will take you to the stadium.

- If you are driving to La Beaujoire Stadium:

  • From downtown Nantes: It typically takes about 15 to 20 minutes to drive to the stadium. You can take the Route de Saint-Joseph from the city center towards the eastern part of the city where the stadium is located.
  • From outside Nantes: The stadium is near major highways and roads leading into Nantes. If you are coming from other cities or the airport, follow signs towards Nantes and then look for signs directing you to "Stade de La Beaujoire" or "Parc Expo Nantes La Beaujoire."
  • Parking: La Beaujoire Stadium has parking facilities available for event attendees. It's advisable to arrive early on match days as the parking areas can fill up quickly due to high attendance.

- By Bike: Nantes has a well-developed network of bicycle paths, and you can cycle to the stadium if you are staying nearby. Bike parking areas are available around the stadium.

- By Plane: If you are coming from another country, the nearest major airport is Nantes Atlantique Airport. From there, you can take a taxi, rent a car, or use public transport (a combination of bus and tram) to reach the venue. It is recommended to purchase a mobile phone data package at the best price, so that you can share the exciting moments of the Game with your family in real time in France.

Tip: Always check the latest travel advisories and transportation schedules before your trip, especially on game days when there might be additional services or traffic regulations.


Explore Nearby Attractions

Jardin des Plantes: This botanical garden is one of the top attractions in Nantes, boasting beautifully landscaped gardens, exotic plants, and tranquil walkways. It's a great spot for relaxation and is especially popular with families.

Château des Ducs de Bretagne: This historic castle in the heart of Nantes houses the Nantes History Museum. Its impressive architecture and the surrounding moat make it a must-visit for history enthusiasts.

Les Machines de l’Île: An absolutely unique artistic and cultural project based in the old shipyards of Nantes. The project includes the Great Elephant, which you can ride, and the Marine Worlds Carousel, among other mechanical wonders.

Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, Nantes (Nantes Cathedral): This Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral is renowned for its architectural beauty and historical significance. It's a peaceful place for reflection and admiration of the intricate artistry.

Île de Versailles: Located on the Erdre River, this small island has been transformed into a Japanese-style garden with peaceful pathways, water features, and a tea house. It's perfect for a quiet stroll or a picnic.

Erdre River Cruises: You can take a cruise along the Erdre River to enjoy the scenic views of the lush riverbanks, elegant châteaux, and other historical buildings that line the waterside.


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