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How To Check eSIM ICCID On Android?

On Android, there are two main methods to check the ICCID:

Please keep in mind that actual screens and text may vary depending on operating system version.


Method 1: Using the dial pad

Check eSIM ICCID using diad pad
  • Open the Phone app, dial *#06# and press the call button. (This does not initiate an actual phone call and certainly does not incur any charges.) Once you press the last '#', the 'Device information' will appear on the phone screen. You will find the ICCID at the very bottom of this modal.


Method 2: Through Settings menu

This is very similar to the process for iPhones and iPads.

Check eSIM ICCID on Settings Menu
  • Go to Settings > About phone > SIM status > Device details.

It will display the Device information modal with the ICCID located at the bottom.


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