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How To Check If Your iOS Device Supports eSIM?

MicroEsim provides an eSIM compatible device list for easy checking. In some countries and regions, models may be released that do not support eSIM functionality. Alternatively, the carrier where you purchased your device may not have eSIM enabled.

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Please follow the steps below to check whether your iOS device supports eSIM technology. This method works on IPhone and iPad. It's worth noting that this method doesn't exactly work on all devices. Whether a device is eSIM compatible depends on whether the manufacturer includes an eSIM. The best way to confirm if your eSIM is compatible is still through your device manufacturer, supplier or major carrier.

Check If Your iOS Device Supports eSIM-MicroEsim

1. Open "Settings > General > About".

2. Click the Model Number until it changes to AXXXX combination.

3. Confirm that your iPhone/iPad model is not from China. If the model number does not match any of the China mainland, Hong Kong, and Macao variants, your device should be eSIM-compatible.


Please remember to check with your device manufacturer, vendor, or primary carrier to confirm eSIM capability if you are still unsure.


Important: Your device must also be carrier unlocked to use eSIM. Here are three methods to check if your iOS device is carrier-unlocked.


1. Check device settings

Check If Your iOS Device Is Locked-MicroEsim

• Open "Settings > General > About".

• Scroll and look for Carrier Lock. Your iPhone is unlocked if No SIM restrictions appear next to Carrier Lock.


2. Contact your Seller / Service Provider

If you bought your phone directly from a manufacturer like Apple, it's likely already unlocked.

If your phone was bought from a telecom provider (e.g., Orange, AT&T, or Movistar), it may be restricted to their network. Contact the provider for confirmation. They can inform you whether your phone is network-locked and assist with unlocking it if necessary.


3. Use another SIM Card

The simplest method to check your phone's status is to use a SIM card from a friend or family member.

If you can successfully make a call or send a text with the borrowed SIM, your phone is unlocked.

If you're unable to make calls or send texts using the new SIM card, this indicates that your phone is tied to your original provider and is not compatible with eSIMs.


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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and MicroEsim will be happy to help!


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