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Peak Pursuit: A Guide To Paris 2024 Elancourt Hill

Elancourt Hill, an artificial mountain located in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France, has been developed for the Paris 2024 Olympics. At 231 meters high, it is the tallest point in the Paris region and offers stunning views that include the Eiffel Tower and La Défense. Transformed from its past as sandstone quarries and a landfill, the hill is now a vibrant public park, offering lush forests and a natural sand beach.


Paris 2024 at Elancourt Hill

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Elancourt Hill will host cycling mountain biking events during the Olympics. The competition trails, primarily based on pre-existing paths, were designed by South African expert Nick Floros. The trails are perfect for all skill levels—from amateur explorers to professional competitors. In preparation for the 2024 Games, Elancourt Hill has already hosted several test events, allowing athletes to familiarize themselves with the terrain. Furthermore, the venue is committed to ecological preservation; no major constructions will be added to avoid impacting its biodiversity.

  • Cycling Mountain Bike Schedule
Date Paris Time Event
July 28 (Sunday) 14:10 Women's Cross-country
July 29 (Monday) 14:10 Men's Cross-country


Legacy Paris 2024

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Post-Olympics, these trails will remain as a legacy, accessible to everyone from families to experienced riders. Notably, France's prowess in hosting international sporting events complements its reputation as a top travel destination, adding an appealing dimension to the venue. Open to everyone, it will become a major destination for mountain bike enthusiasts, whatever their skill level, as well as fans of walking and jogging. The hill will also become an area for family walks, in a safe, pollution-free environment, surrounded by regenerated nature. In addition, the site will be used to organise national and international mountain bike competitions.



Located just 41 km west of the Olympic and Paralympic Village, Elancourt Hill is conveniently accessible via a dedicated shuttle service from the nearby Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines station. This spot is perfect for staying connected while exploring, thanks to travel eSIM options. These services ensure that you can stay online effortlessly, navigating with apps like Google Maps whenever required.


Nearby Attractions and Leisure Activities

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The area surrounding Elancourt Hill is rich with attractions, including the National Velodrome and the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines BMX Stadium. Not far away, the historic Palace of Versailles offers a cultural feast for tourists. Each location is enhanced by the serene, pollution-free environment, making it ideal for family outings and nature lovers.


The Elancourt Hill goes beyond sports; it's a commitment to ecological sustainability, community engagement, and creating a pollution-free recreational space. As you plan your visit to this magnificent venue, instant activation and flexible data plans allow you to enjoy your stay without worrying about connectivity. Explore more and stay connected with a Paris eSIM—click here to purchase France eSIM package and start your adventure at Elancourt Hill!


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