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What Else You Need To Know About eSIM

eSIM (embedded SIM): A SIM technology embedded inside a device that allows users to change service providers through software configuration rather than physically swapping SIM cards.

(Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card): The heart of eSIM technology, it is a reprogrammable SIM card chip that allows service provider information to be changed remotely.

Remote SIM Provisioning:
A service and protocol that allows users to activate and manage eSIM remotely without accessing the physical SIM card.

Activation Code:
A set of codes used to activate eSIM service, usually by scanning a QR code, using an SM-DP+ address, or entering it through a mobile operator's app.

(Subscription Manager Data Preparation Plus): A service responsible for preparing and managing subscription data on eSIM devices, allowing users to remotely download and install operator data.

(Subscription Manager Secure Routing): A service responsible for securely transmitting data between eSIM and operators to ensure the security of data transmission.

Operator subscription information stored on eSIM, including user identity, service details and network authentication information.

(Over-The-Air technology): A wireless transmission technology used to remotely update data packages or software on eSIM.

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