Top 6 Best eSIMs for France [Traveling & Business]

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As the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris approach this July, travelers are preparing for an exciting trip. Staying connected is crucial, and an eSIM offers a hassle-free way to achieve seamless connectivity. In this article, we'll explore the top 6 France eSIM providers for France. Whether you're visiting for the Olympic games or for romance, read on to discover the best eSIM for France to suit your needs!

Things to Know Before Purchasing France eSIM

Before we begin, it's essential to understand what an eSIM is, its advantages, and how to determine if it meets your needs (such as making calls, accessing the internet, etc.) compared to a physical SIM card. If you decide to use eSIMs, the following information will provide you with more details.

Learn About How eSIM Works

Simply put, an eSIM is a virtual SIM card that allows you to switch carriers while traveling abroad. It is programmable remotely via software and can be activated without the need for a physical SIM card. This flexibility, inherent to the eSIM's working procedure, is ideal for travelers and business professionals, as it makes easy while changing and controlling network services in different countries. In most cases, activation is as simple as scanning a QR code, making it very convenient.

Check Your Phone's Compatibility

Not all phones are compatible with eSIMs. Most phones manufactured after 2018 have eSIM ability but you should check out to avoid any potential troubles. Here are two useful suggestions.

1) You can go to your eSIM provider web page to find out if your phone is compatible with eSIM.

2) You can go to the phone brand's webpage to find out if your phone is compatible or not.


Tip: If you're using an iPhone, head to its support page to check the compatibility.

Now that you have verified your phone's compatibility, let's look into eSIM options that best fit your needs in France.

#1. MicroEsim

MicroEsim France offers complete coverage across France with stable data networks, making it one of the most cost-effective options for France, and even for international travel. Using reliable local carriers such as Bouygues, Orange, and SFR, ensures stable signal availability and fast internet speeds, including 5G. Plans range from 1 to 60 days, with various data allowances from daily to unlimited packages starting at just $1.42. Even after using up high-speed data, the connection remains, though throttled.

Ease of use is another highlight. The entire process, from purchase to activation via a QR code, is straightforward with no hassle of eKYC. Additionally, MicroEsim supports tethering that allows you to share your connection with other devices and save on roaming costs.


Good News:

To meet the needs of the upcoming Olympics, MicroEsim has launched special Olympic Europe eSIMs to cater to various requirements. You can choose according to your travel plans.

Here are some eSIM plans from MicroEsim for France:

Duration Data Allowance Price (USD)
3 Days Unlimited high-speed data. $14.20
7 Days Total 3GB. $4.10
15 Days Unlimited 5Mbps. Daily 1GB high-speed data $41.60
60 Days Total 60GB. $61.50
MicroEsim France eSIM Purchase Page

#2. Orange Travel

It is a multinational telecommunications corporation, Orange Holiday Europe eSIM, which provides good coverage across Europe, including France. It supports voice calls and text messages and allows for mobile hotspot use. However, the available plans are limited to 7, 14, and 28 days, and the prices are relatively high. Activation requires downloading the Orange app, which is less convenient compared to a simple QR code scan, and the app does not display your data balance. 5G is supported but is only available at times.

Here are some eSIM plans from Orange Travel for France:

Duration Data Allowance Price (EUR)
7 Days 1GB € 4.99
14 Days 12GB € 19.99
14 Days 30GB € 39.99
28 Days 100GB € 49.99
Orange Travel eSIM France Purchase Page

#3. Jetpac eSIM

Singapore-based Jetpac has been on the radar of frequent travelers. It offers eSIM Frane travel plans that are fairly priced. New users can get 1GB at $1 for 4 days, and plans come in for 4, 7, and 30 days. However, Jetpac does not have any unlimited data plans, and in addition, remote areas have weak coverage, with a maximum service of 4G. Service may not be as stable during peak periods such as the Olympics. There are also no various choices, such as 15-day plans or options that exceed 30 days for users who have an extra-long stay.

Here are some eSIM plans from Jetpac:

Duration Data Allowance Price (USD)
7 days 3GB $5.50
30 days 5GB $9.00
30 days 10GB $12.00
30 days 40GB $48.00
Jetpac eSIM France Purchase Page

#4. Airalo

Airalo eSIM plans come with ease and at low prices. Starting at $4.50, it is compatible with a 5G network and provides eSIM France plans of 1GB, 2GB, and 3GB that are valid for 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days; and 5GB, 10GB, and 20GB are only valid for 30 days. However, the data allowance is quite low and does not support unlimited data plans. Hence, it is not very ideal for heavy users. Also, the customer service response time is long, and you will be required to download an app to activate it.

Here are some eSIM plans from Airalo:

Duration Data Allowance Price (USD)
7 days 1GB $4.50
30 days 2GB $10.00
30 days 20GB $36.00
Airalo eSIM France Purchase Page

#5. Ubigi

Ubigi offers one-off, monthly, and annual plans for France. Their highest data allowance is 50GB, prepaid with no extra fees or roaming charges. Activation is easily done by scanning the QR code received via email, but their app also allows useful. You can recharge without Wi-Fi or data credits via the app. However, they do not support unlimited data plans, which may not suffice for watching the entire Olympics. Customer support is available in English via email, with longer response times, which may not be user-friendly for non-native English speakers.

Here are some eSIM plans from Ubigi:

Duration Data Allowance Price (USD)
30 days One-off 3GB $5.00
30 days One-off 50GB $32.00
Unlimited Validity Monthly 20GB $12.00/month
Limited to 2GB/month Annual 24GB $14.00
Ubigi eSIM France Purchase Page


Maya Mobile is another option, with choices from 5 days to 30 days in eSIM and even unlimited data. The offers are quite affordable, from $5 to $79. Similar to MicroEsim, you will receive an activation QR code, which is sent via email and takes around 5 minutes to complete, a longer time than MicroEsim's setup. But this provider, Maya Mobile, also has some drawbacks. It suffers from limited coverage in France, unstable network connections, and speeds slower than it claimed, which feels like a 3G performance. Their unlimited data throttles speed to 1Mbps, too, after you use up the data. Customer service responsiveness has also been quite slow.

Here are some eSIM plans from Maya Mobile:

Duration Data Allowance Price (USD)
5 days 3GB $5
15 days 40GB $37
30 days Unlimited data. After the first 5 GB of daily high-speed data, enjoy Unlimited LTE at 1Mbps $79
Maya eSIM France Purchase Page

How to Choose the Best eSIM Card for France

After reviewing the various eSIM options, it's important to consider several factors when choosing the best eSIM card for France. Here is a summary.

Provider Network Coverage & Stability Data Plans & Prices Customer Support Additional Features Refund Policy
MicroEsim 👍 Excellent full coverage & stable Various plans (daily, total, unlimited) at competitive prices Responsive Personal hotspot, no eKYC required Refund support
Orange Travel Good coverage, stable Limited plans (7 days, 14 days, 28 days) at higher prices Responsive Voice calls & SMS supported Limited refund options
Jetpac eSIM Limited coverage, stable Limited plans (up to 30 days), competitive pricing Moderate Free airport lounge access (SmartDelay) Limited refund options
Airalo Varied coverage, stable Limited data plans, moderate pricing Slow Multi-language support Refunds are available for technical problems
Ubigi Limited coverage, unstable Limited to 50GB, competitive pricing Slow No Refund support under certain conditions
Maya Mobile Limited coverage, unstable Various plans, including unlimited with throttling Slow No Limited refund options

Of all options, MicroEsim may be found with easy-to-use and powerful customer support, excellent network coverage, and stability all over France, rich and flexible data plans at very competitive prices that can satisfy various use scenarios from short-tripping to ultra-long-staying travelers. It also offers hotspot ability, no eKYC process, and you can get the money back in case of failure to use it. So, it is your best choice for eSIM France traveling.

Final Verdict

Whether for French traveling or Olympic guests, eSIMs will be a continuous means of local data connectivity in France, or in other overseas regions. We have filtered the best 6 options above, and we highly recommend opting for the comprehensive MicroEsim France eSIM so that your visit to France becomes convenient, fast, and cost-effective. Last, have a great time enjoying your traveling or Olympic experience in France.


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