How To Fix "This Code is No Longer Valid" Error

Buying a travel eSIM when travelling abroad is a good way to save you from unexpected roaming fee for data. Most travel eSIM are celualar data esim without number and is pre-paid for one-time use. It is advised to install the eSIM under wi-fi connection and activate when you arrived in your destination. 

In this post, we may talk about the most porrible reason and ways to fix this error.

This code is no longer valid Error

"eSIM Cannot Be Added - This code is no longer valid" Error is one of the most frenquently met troubleshot when adding a new travel eSIM. For iOS 15 or below version of iPhone. The error page may display a slightly different message like "Cellular Plan Cannot Be Added".

This Code Is Nolonger Valid iOS eSIM QR Code


Why This Troubleshooting Message Shows

1. The eSIM code is used and installed before

 "This code is no longer valid" error message usually measns tht the QR code you are scaning to add/install an eSIM to your phone has already been scaned and installed before. 

eSIM QR code normally contains the activation information to add a eSIM to your phone. Please acknowledge that for most eSIM QR code can be used once. Even if you have stopped the eSIM activation / installation process when adding, it is likely that the QR code is used and no longer valid for second time scaning. This is designed for security protection, preventing unauthorized application of your eSIM profile.

If you have installed the eSIM before and deleted it, you may also have this error message when trying to use the same QR code to re-install. So we kindly recommend you not to delete the eSIM unless you are sure that you nolonger need it.

2. Poor Connection during installation

A stable internet connection may needed during adding a eSIM and activating it. The installation process might fail if your connection is weak or keeps dropping. Sometimes using VPN connection may lead to this error too.

3. QR Code Expired

Most eSIMs may have a valid time for scaning. This may occurs when you purchase a eSIM long time before your trip. 

4. Less possible: proble with scanning

Unclear QR Code

Somtimes, the qr code is not clear. Or the camera of your phone has problem. Or you are trying to scan a QR code in a dimly lit environment. This error message may show showhow. The probability of this situation occurring is low.

5. Wrong message entered when using manually installation

manually installl the esim

You can use the "SM-DP+ Address " and "Activation Code" that comes along with the QR code to manually installed the eSIM when cannot use the camera to scan the QR code. Sometimes when filling the information into their espective fields with wrong messange may lead to this error.

How To Fix

Mostly when this error message when you are using a travel eSIM, you may have already added the eSIM to your phone and not activated yet.

In this case, you may follow the following steps to check and fix.

1. Check to see if the eSIM has already been added.

For iPhone users, go to Settings > Cellular >> SIMs

Check if the eSIM has already been added.

Just check if there is any new eSIM added to your phone rathter than your previous eSIMs. In the case of this device, the "secondary" will be the eSIM you just loaded. 

2. Enter this eSIM & Turn On This Line

Turn On This Line

① You can modify the lable of this line, in this case, you can modify the "secondary" to "microesim" or any other label you like.

② Turn on this line for the eSIM

③ You may need to enable roaming. Most of the travel eSIM listed on MicroEsim require roaming, some eSIM with local IP doesn't require roaming and this will be listed in the detail product page. Then restart your phone or swith on/off airplane mode to reconnect to the local network.

3. Check eSIM ICCID to Confirme the eSIM is installed successfully

Check eSIM ICCID to Confirme the eSIM is installed successfully

Go to 'Settings' > 'General' > 'About'. Scroll down the screen, you'll find the ICCID listed. In this case, find the Secondary, it shows IMEI2 as it is the 2nd sim line activated in the phone. And the ICCID is the Integrated Circuit Card Identification number for this line.

Click to view this post to know more about what is ICCID

For other cases listed above, you may try these:

1. If the eSIM is not listed in the SIM section, try restart your phone then scan again. 

2. Install the eSIM in a location with a stable Internet connection. Turn off VPN if you are using one.

3. Delete the old eSIM. If you find eSIMs that you nonloger use in ths SIMs list, deletete them. This helps and make it easier to add new ones.

4. Try install the eSIM manually with correct "SM-DP+ Address " and "Activation Code" if scanning the QR code for your eSIM doesn't work.

5. Contact MicroEsim if you cannot fix the problem, we will help to provide proper solution.


MicroEsim is working with best local telecom operators to provide stable and efiicient travel eSIM data for you when you are travelling abroad. Please don't worry if you encounter the error message "eSIM Cannot Be Added - This code is no longer valid".

Tech issues can be tricky. The support team might need some time to figure out what's going on. By using MicroEsim's travel eSIM, we guarantee a sucefull installation as long as your phone is eSIM compatibla and carrier unlockd. Feel free to contact if you need any help.


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