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How To Turn Off Autoplay On Instagram To Save Data?

In an age where social media is a significant part of our daily lives, managing data usage becomes crucial, especially when using data-intensive applications like Instagram. Autoplay videos are one of the primary data consumers. Fortunately, Instagram provides an option to minimize data usage, which indirectly turns off autoplay, helping you save data. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with limited data plans or in areas with slow internet connectivity.

The following steps are suitable for Instagram on iOS and Android:

1. Navigate to your profile(bottom right corner of the screen).
2. Click the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) on the top right
3. Tap Settings > Account > Cellular Data Use.
4. Enable “Use Less Data”.

Congratulations! You have successfully adjusted your Instagram settings to use less data. This change not only helps in conserving your mobile data but also ensures a smoother Instagram experience in areas of limited or slow connectivity. Importantly, for users utilizing eSIM technology, this adjustment is particularly beneficial. By optimizing your Instagram to use less data, you're also ensuring that your eSIM data plans last longer, providing you with more consistent access to your networks, regardless of where you are in the world.

Remember, the changes made will only affect how Instagram operates over cellular data; your experience on Wi-Fi remains unaffected. You may also want to turn off autoplay for Facebook and TwitterBy taking these simple steps, you not only save on your data consumption but also enhance your browsing experience, making it seamless and more enjoyable.


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