6 Best eSIMs for Japan Travel [Tested & Updated]

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Going to Japan? And what you need the most is an eSIM to ensure a stable network connection. This is what eSIMs come for. Some people may ask, what is an eSIM? It is a virtual SIM card that enables you to connect to the internet from anywhere in the world without a physical card. At the same time, an eSIM card in Japan saves you roaming charges and gives you more data plans.

That said, with so many eSIM providers out there, it can be hard to choose a suitable eSIM provider. But don't worry! To help you pick one that best suits your needs, we have tested and reviewed many varied providers, focusing on the 6 best eSIMs for Japan. Check it out!

#1 MicroEsim

MicroEsim offers full coverage across Japan, hence making it one of the great options for eSIM Japan travel. They have different plans that would suit all individual needs. From 1 to 60 days options for different data allowances such as daily, total, and unlimited packages (cover at least daily 500MB to a total of 60GB). The price is affordable, which is as low as $1.40.

One of the key features is that, even after you have consumed your purchased high-speed data, you will be maintained at 256kbps, which assures you that you will never be entirely off the grid. Partnering with reliable local carriers like Softbank, Docomo, and KDDI, MicroEsim provides stable signals and fast internet, including support for 5G.

Moreover, MicroEsim is very easy to use. You can purchase, activate, and start using your eSIM right away. Notably, the best point is that you do not have to go through eKYC. Activation is fast. Just scan the QR code, and you are good to go. Additionally, it supports sharing a hotspot with other devices, like a laptop or a tablet, so you would not get charged for roaming. Overall, MicroEsim, as one of the best eSIM for international travel, is a very convenient and less expensive solution for staying connected while traveling across Japan.

Here are some eSIM Japan plans from MicroEsim:

Data Plans Duration Price
Total 3GB 7 Days $4.80
Unlimited 5Mbps 3 Days $11.80
Daily 1GB 15 Days $20.10
Total 20GB 30 Days $28.80
Total 60GB 60 Days $75.30

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MicroEsim Japan eSIM Purchase Page

#2 Airalo

Airalo is certainly among the best eSIMs for Asia, with very affordable, flexible data plans to fit the purposes of any Japan travel. Supporting 5G, their eSIM plans include 1GB, 2GB, 3GB for 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days, and 5GB,10GB, 20GB for 30 days long-term use. It provides great speeds and easy setup that doesn't require any personal identification.

With prices starting at $4.50 for 7 days, Airalo will give you reliable and economical connectivity throughout your journey in Japan and beyond. However, as you may have noticed, the biggest amount of data is 20GB for 30 days. For travels with huge amounts of data, this may not be a suitable choice. But still, it remains a great option for travelers looking for convenience and economic benefits.

Here are some eSIM Japan plans from Airalo:

Data Plans Duration Price
Total 1GB 7 Days $4.50
Total 3GB 30 Days $8.50
Total 20GB 20 Days $26.00


Airalo Japan eSIM Purchase Page

#3 Ubigi

Ubigi is a reliable eSIM provider that offers flexible plans, like daily, monthly, and yearly (e.g., a single day 500MB, monthly 1GB, 3GB, 10GB, and annual 60GB packages but limited to 2GB and 5GB per month). Its partnership with NTT Docomo ensures strong coverage with fast speeds throughout Japan.

However, although Ubigi supports 5G, they do not have Japan esim unlimited data plans. The options leave to 1 day, 30 days, and a year without more flexible choices like 3 days, 7 days, and 15 days. Also, Ubigi customer support is only available in English and via email, and it often takes a very long time before your questions are replied to.

Here are some eSIM Japan plans from Ubigi:

Data Plans Duration Price
One-off 1GB 30 Days $4.00
Monthly 5GB One Month $10.00/month
5GB/Per month 4 Months $38
Ubigi Japan eSIM Purchase page

#4 Saily

Saily is one of the most secure eSIM options for any traveler who values safety greatly. You don't need to worry about Saily eSIM not working in Japan. Developed by a team behind the famous NordVPN, Saily offers five varied plans with customer support of the best quality.

The pricing plans are different and pretty affordable. You can get a 7-day plan with 1GB of data for $3.99 or a 30-day plan that will offer you 3GB, 5GB, 10GB, and 20GB subscriptions. However, there is also a drawback to consider, as there is no unlimited data support. 

Here are some eSIM Japan plans from Saily:

Data Plans Duration Price
Total 1GB 7 Days $3.99
Total 5GB 30 Days $9.99
Total 20GB 30 Days $22.99
Saily eSIM Plan Purchase Page

#5 Sakura Mobile

Sakura Mobile, operating under the NTT DOCOMO Network, Japan's largest 4G LTE network with 99% population coverage, is a trusted local provider in Japan. Their prices scale based on the duration of stay (up to 90 days) and come with unlimited data (but will be limited after using 3GB data and reducing speed to 200Kbps), with daily costs of around JPY 1650 (tax included). However, although the data is unlimited, Sakura does not support 5G. So, users who seek high-speed data use may not be satisfied with this.

Here are some eSIM plans from Sakura Mobile:

Data Plans Duration Price
Unlimited 7 Days JPY 4620
Unlimited 14 Days JPY 6930
Unlimited 30 Days JPY 9900
Sakura Mobile Japan eSIM Purchase Page

#6 Nomad

This places Nomad in one rather unique corner, offering both data and SMS services (purchased separately) for its travelers. It has varied plans, including regular offers like a 30-day package with 10GB and a 45-day package with 20GB. For smaller stays, day packages are available. In this case, you can buy data from 1 to 7 days. The rates start at just $2.50 for 500MB per day. It does have a fully unlimited data plan, but it's capped at 512kbps after you use up the data, and only a few plans support 5G. Compared to many other providers, however, Nomad's 7-day plans are generally toward the higher end of the price spectrum. Also, it needs to download its app to activate.

Here are some eSIM plans from Nomad:

Data Plans Duration Price
Daily 3GB 1 Day $9
Daily 3GB 3 Days $27
Total 20GB 45 Days $25
Nomad Japan eSIM Purchase Page

How to Choose the Best eSIM for Japan Travel

If you're planning an eSIM for your Japan trip, bear in mind the duration of your stay and the data plans available. Request a provider that offers a mix of fast speed and unlimited data to enjoy connectivity for the entire duration of your trip. You can compare the offers and choose a plan that suits your budget and travel period. Here is a summary for your reference:

Provider Network Coverage Data Plans & Pricing Unlimited Data Plan 5G Support & Partner Operators Customer Support Activation Convenience Additional Features
MicroEsim Fully cover Japan Flexible plans (1-60 days, daily, total, unlimited) Yes, limited to 256kbps after using up Yes, Softbank, Docomo, KDDI Online chat or email Easy, instant QR code Hotspot sharing
Airalo Japan-wide Affordable short-term plans (1GB, 3GB, 5GB) No Yes, Softbank Email support Moderate, App required None
Ubigi Japan-wide Flexible plans (daily, monthly, yearly) No Yes, NTT Docomo Email support Moderate, App required Hotspot sharing
Saily Japan-wide Affordable plans (7-day 1GB, 30-day 3GB, 5GB, 10GB, 20GB) No Yes, NTT Docomo Knowledgeable support Moderate, App required None
Sakura Mobile Japan-wide Unlimited data plans (1-90 days) Yes, limited to 200kbps after using up No, NTT Docomo Email support Easy, instant QR code None
Nomad Japan-wide Varied plans (1-45 days, 500MB/day to 20GB) Yes, limited to 512kbps after using up Limited 5G support, SoftBank, KDDI Email support App required Additional SMS support (Not supporting Japan yet)

Tips for Using Esim in Japan

An eSIM in Japan will definitely increase your experience as a visitor, but also you need to watch out:

  • Make sure that your phone is Unlocked: If your phone is locked, then it is bonded to a specific carrier. You can check this with your carrier before your trip.
  • Check for Device Compatibility: In general, this should not be a problem since most phones with eSIM capability are from large manufacturers (Apple, Google, Samsung) made in the last few years.
  • eSIM Activation Timing: Some eSIMs activate upon a first network connection, and some are active from the time they are installed, so wait to install until close to your leave to maximize the active date range. Additionally, some eSIMs require activation within 1-3 months of purchasing to avoid expiration.
  • Enable Tethering: In case you need to share your internet with other devices, make sure the eSIM plan given provides for tethering or a mobile hotspot. This will help in connecting other devices like laptops or tablets while on the move.

Final Verdict

An eSIM is one of the essentials that will ensure you are connected even when you travel to Japan without so much fuss from the traditional SIM cards. Out of the best options we have looked at, MicroEsim delivers full coverage across all of Japan, has very reasonable pricing, and has activation within no time. Either for a short stay or for a long one, MicroEsim provides flexible plans to meet all your requirements. Check MicroEsim Japan eSIM out now and enjoy staying connected on your journey across Japan!


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